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Authorized Marriage Celebrant – Appointed by the Governor General

Marriage Formalities

I offer you the services of an authorized civil marriage celebrant who understands how important your special day is and who will cater to your every wish, dedicated to help make your special day unforgettable.

As your dedicated marriage celebrant, I consent to be present as the authorized marriage celebrant, taking a public role in the wedding ceremony. Like every wedding celebrant, I am bound to and comply with the requirements of the
Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 2017 which apply to the marriage celebrant.  I will identify and introduce myself to the assembled parties, witnesses and guests as the marriage celebrant authorized to solemnize marriage.

I take responsibility to ensure the validity of the marriage according to law and say the words required by section 46 in the presence of the parties, the formal witnesses and the guests before the marriage is solemnized.
I will be in close proximity (i.e. nearby) when the vows required by section 45(2) are exchanged because it is the exchange of vows that constitute the marriage and the authorized wedding celebrant should ensure that they see and hear the vows exchanged.

Being part of the ceremonial group or being nearby to it I will then sign the papers required by The Marriage Act.The Marriage Act 1961 – the binding act for your marriage celebrant. Appointed by the Governor General of Australia I am dutifully bound by the laws of The Marriage Act 1961. Further information on The Marriage Act 1961 and its laws and implementations can be viewed here.


Professional conduct and practice

A marriage celebrant must maintain a high standard of service in his or her professional conduct and
practice. This includes good and appropriate personal presentation for marriage ceremonies, to be on time for the ceremonies and to have accuracy in preparation of documents and in the conduct of marriage ceremonies.

I Work With You To Bring Your Big Day Vision to Life, Stress Free.

I know how important your wedding day is for you and will make sure it will be a most beautiful and memorable event for you and all family and witnesses present. I will be there to advise, assist and legalize the exchange of your wedding vows.


Ceremonies conducted by me are:

Wedding Ceremonies

I will arrange an appointment with you and your partner to discuss your visions for the special day. The latest I can schedule this meeting for is at least one month before the set wedding date.

We will have prepared and rehearsed all the details of how we will proceed on your special day, incorporating your visions and ideas with what is required by the Act. A wedding is certainly a very exciting event for everyone involved and will be fondly remembered by all involved. It is important that the ceremony is conducted in a way that is representative of your characters and personalities.

Marriage is an exciting time for all involved and it is always to be remembered for the right reasons. It is important that the ceremony composed is one that you both want and reflective of your personalities.

You are, therefore, encouraged to work very closely with your Marriage Celebrant in designing a ceremony that is memorable for all present.

Reaffirmation of vows

The reaffirmation of your wedding vows is a way to celebrate and honour your marriage.You can reaffirmation celebrations after  2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years together, it depends on you and your partner. Reaffirmation celebrations are usually made with friends, close family and your children. You want them to know that you are happy together and that you would do it all over again without regret and without hesitation.

The venue for a reaffirmation can be a formal one or an informal one. Most couples host the celebration at their own premises, in line with celebrating their life together, their home and their family.  It is usually a very heartwarming event and an encouragement for the younger generations who follow.

Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony, like weddings, is the commitment of two partners to each other. The difference is that it is a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another without being legally binding like a marriage. Commitment ceremonies are usually chosen by couples who cannot marry by law. Proceedings in a commitment ceremony are similarly structured like in wedding ceremonies, with the exchange of vows and rings, poems and music as to the couple’s preference. The ceremony usually is followed by a reception where family and friends celebrate the couple’s union.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A baby naming ceremony can be a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your child, or a blessing for your baby and family. In the ceremony you may want to make promises and commitments to your child. It gives important people in your child’s life the chance to manifest their well wishes and blessing, and to pledge their support. An average naming ceremony is around half an hour, followed by some refreshments and activities for all present. I have conducted quite a few baby naming ceremonies and I can discuss with you and suggest to you how the day could be organized.

Happy Clients

“We were lucky to have Carla as our marriage celebrant. She was extremely organised and provided us with plenty of information and options for our ceremony. Her bubbly personality and professionalism helped us plan a wonderful wedding day.”

Ornella and Narayanan, Cabarita, NSW

“Carla’s professionalism, friendliness and caring nature made our special day even more so! We are so very glad she was a part of our wedding day! We love you heaps Carla!.”

Ana and Gerry, Ulladulla, NSW

“It was a wonderful day. Carla made sure our children felt they each had a special part in the ceremony too.”

Beatriz and Juan, NSW

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